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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to apply anything between lawn applications?

No. Our program includes everything for a green, healthy lawn. Additional products could cause harm.

What are all of these blue spots in my yard?

The blue dye is used to show the technician where he has spot treated for weeds. These spots will go away after the next rain or with irrigation period.

Can you control CHINCH BUGS?

Yes, we can. We provide a once per year chinch bug application in addition to our lawn program for St. Augustine grass.

How long should we wait before allowing children or pets to go on the grass areas after it is sprayed?

The grass should be dry before letting children or pets get back on it. In the full hot sun, it should dry in 30 minutes. On cloudy days, it could take as long as 2 hours.

I am seeing brown spots in my yard, what should I do?

There are many things that can cause brown spots; disease, insects and drought. Call our office for more information.

What if I have a problem with my lawn between services?

Call our office with any questions you may have or to schedule a service call.

How long should I wait before I mow my lawn after an application?

We recommend waiting 24 hours after the application before mowing your lawn.

I’m seeing evidence of moles. Do you have anything to control them?

No. We suggest contacting your local garden center for some kind of bait.

Do I have to move all my furniture prior to receiving an interior flea/tick treatment?


Are the products you use safe for use around children and pets?

Yes. All of the products that we use for lawn, shrubs, and household pest control are safe for children and pets.

How long before we see results with the weed control?

After two weeks, you should see results; if you still see weeds, call us for a free follow up.

Why don’t I see blue spots in my yard?

During certain times of the year we do a blanket weed control application, so spot treatment is not necessary.

Is there any discount on your services?

Yes. We offer a 5% discount for yearly prepaid services.

Does your program include fire ant control?

Yes, if you see fire ants, call our office for a free service call.

How often should I water my lawn?

Many areas are on water restrictions. Contact your water company for guidelines.

Right after you treated my lawn, it started to rain. Will this wash away the application?

No. Many of the products we use, need to be watered in and others are not affected by the rain. If you are concerned, call our office and we can schedule a two-week follow up.

I am seeing weeds in my plant beds. Do you have a service for this?

No. We do not offer weed control for plant beds. This would be the responsibility of the homeowner or landscaper.

I am seeing weeds in my rocks, driveway, or sidewalk. Do you treat for this?

No. We do not offer weed control for rocks or driveways/sidewalks. Our weed control products are mixed with a staining material so we do not treat these surfaces to avoid staining and damaging them.

I am having problems with snakes, raccoons, armadillos, or other wildlife. Can you help?

No. We recommend contacting animal control.

I’m seeing lizards/frogs. Do you have anything to control them?

No. Our treatments do not target lizards or frogs.

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Don Omie
Don Omie
15:12 08 Aug 22
I called to cancel my service but they declined to refund the $50 fee that was charged today even though I paid in... advance when I started the service. For customer satisfaction they should have refunded it and I would have been a happy customer but I'M NOT. STAY AWAY FROM PEST PATROL!!!!!!!!!!!!read more
Leonel Reyes
Leonel Reyes
23:02 20 May 22
True professionals, exceptional customer service skills sales and service.
Sasha Valto
Sasha Valto
23:26 12 Apr 22
Pest Patrol has lived up to expectations.They treat my Lawn and House, and everything has been great.There has been a... couple concerns over the year I’ve had them, but it has always been addressed in a prompt manner.I was also glad to hear that next year they will be offering Termite service as well!Glad I’ll be able to have one company take care of everything soon.Highly recommend Pest Patrolread more
wilson diaz
wilson diaz
15:13 06 Apr 22
As a customer I called to have my lawn checked out because I thought that I might have mole crickets. Pest patrol sent... a very smug moronic operations manager who felt as if I was wasting his time. I called the office to file a complaint, and Angie told me that I can go somewhere else for service if I didn't like his attitude. Apparently Angie, who represents pest patrol, and who Speaks on their behalf, doesn't give 2 cents about the customers. Their employees can get away with their lack of customer service skills, rudeness and unprofessionalism. I will never again use them, nor will I ever recommend them.read more
Joseph Fernandez
Joseph Fernandez
13:19 27 Mar 22
Had them for nine years and no pest problems.
maria oliveira
maria oliveira
02:38 17 Dec 21
They have absolutely amazing customer service. Called because we noticed a lot more ants in the yard and weren’t too... happy with our lawn and they came out same day for a quote and started service a couple days later! So happy my neighbor recommended them! Highly recommend for all your lawn care and pest care needs!read more
Asher James
Asher James
17:29 16 Aug 21
This company is absolutely amazing! My grass has not looked this good in so long! It literally glows. I took their... recommendations for water especially during those dry time where we didn’t get much rain which made my grass never falter in beauty. I have even had neighbors ask who we use since I never have any issues! We do live in a new construction community so naturally we sometimes have issues with spiders but every time I call they do a service call. Extremely professional company with great costumer service. I even referred my mother and sister and they both signed up and have been supper happy with the services as well!read more
Anna Sorokina
Anna Sorokina
16:05 15 Aug 21
They treated my lawn 4 months ago and it looks super horrible now like never before. All covered with weeds, fourth... part of my grass died. My front looks just scary. The guy came to follow up never he knock my door to talk to me or to check my backyard which is half dead grass !!!!! He left a paper that he fertilized my front ! Thats it ! My poor lawn keeps dying and I do not understand what I paid for ! I have a corner lot and these people never even treated my sidewalk grass !!! It has no grass left only weeds ! Be aware !read more
Brenda Worman
Brenda Worman
11:34 04 Aug 21
We have been using this service for a few years and they are always very good. Anytime I see a few ants or bugs of any... kind, I contact them and they come right out( in addition to the routine visits) and no extra charge. The recent thing we’re flies!!!!!!!! I don’t mean just flies but it was like a horror movie, they were everywhere outside, in our garage, inside lanai and in our house. We cleaned garbage bins weekly, moved them inside and tried everything. I don’t know if it was what they did during the routine visit but after they came I haven’t seen a fly! Not one?! Anyways I will give them the credit because they are the best! Thank you and keep it up! From the Sanctuaryread more
Kearlyn Exavier
Kearlyn Exavier
16:36 03 Aug 21
Used them for pest control and lawn treatment. My lawn is currently overwhelmed by weeds. Not sure if their products... are inferior to other companies or if it’s an application error but I initiated service call that was not responded to and contacted the front office two weeks later. They put in a new service call with no real response to my compliant. They had no interest in correcting things so I ultimately switched to another company. It’s too bad because I heard good things about this company in the past but my lawn is in such disarray now. Maybe it was due to growing pains.read more
Dana Ross
Dana Ross
21:49 12 Jun 21
They came and sprayed my lawn very quickly after making my appointment. The bugs were ridiculous out in the lawn and... whatever they did really helped a lot. But most importantly I had the biggest issue with an invasion of spiders. For some reason the last 2 months have been just outrageous. I literally could not open my front door on any morning without seeing my porch and everything else wrapped in webs. It was so gross. Well, let me tell y'all, the guy that came to spray had the best attitude while listening to everything I was explaining about my issue. I could see him on my camera and he was out there handling his business 🙌🏼. Afterwards as the day went on all I seen was spiders hanging from everywhere dead in there dangling webs. I was so happy. The next morning I slowly opened my door as I do every morning to let my dog out and guess what??? I did not have to grab the broom and go to war with the webs trying to clear a path. My screened in back porch can once again can be filled with morning tea and relaxation sessions during my work breaks!!! Thank you so much Pest Patrol Guy for wiping down all those webs and bugs all in the garage and all around the outside of my home and spraying my interior and exterior! I know that I will have bugs because we have a lake in the backyard and all this nature around us, but I do feel like having this service will help A LOT!read more
Neil O'Neill
Neil O'Neill
15:48 08 Apr 21
When I first purchased my house, the grass was really bad, full of weeds, and dirt. In less than 2 years the grass... looks better than new. Thanks a lot guys!read more
Cathy Ventura
Cathy Ventura
19:42 20 Mar 21
Great service every time
John D
John D
17:52 24 Feb 21
We’ve been using Pest Patrol for about 18 months and our lawn looks great, even with three dogs! They’ve been... professional and always take care of any concerns.read more
Gerrod Trytten
Gerrod Trytten
18:24 05 Jun 20
Pest patrol has been nothing short of spectacular for us. Their services have been unbeatable. Before we switched over... to Pest Patrol, we had issues, like our neighbors for months. We told them what we’ve seen, that our neighbors were having similar problems and within weeks of starting with Pest Patrol, we began to notice the difference. Now going on 3+ years with them, wouldn’t recommend anyone else.read more
Megan Walker
Megan Walker
21:51 28 May 20
We have been using Pest Patrol for several years now and could not have been happier with this company. They always... respond back to phone calls and answer our questions promptly. They are very knowledgable in all things pest and lawn control. We love that they handle the yard so we feel comfortable playing with our dog and baby outside. Our yard has never looked better! Yard of the month here we come!read more
Owen Myers
Owen Myers
15:30 21 May 20
I own quite a few properties and I've used different pest control companies for our houses. Pest Patrol is by far the... worst. The lady answering the phone is the worst. I even spoke to the owner and he told me I should be lucky they did anything. Awful company!! I highly recommend using anyone else. They are very rude and they spray the outside and do not do a good job inside. Creepy people!read more
Purge Reviews
Purge Reviews
15:28 21 May 20
Do not use this company. Awful. They came out to spray and we used them for about a year. They have been unable to get... rid of the ants in our home and my daughter has ant bites all over her. They said we should be patient with them. No compassion for my daughter at all. The people that work there are super rude and unresponsive. I highly recommend going with another company. BEWARE!!! The people that come to the house are awful also. I caught one going through an underwear drawer. Do they even background check their workers?read more
Lucas Almeida
Lucas Almeida
13:08 01 Nov 19
Very professional company. Not only do I use them but I have referred them to many people and everyone is beyond... satisfied with their work. Always reliable and always helping the customers lawns reach their full potential. Definitely the best around!read more
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