How do you care for your lawn shrubs?

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How do you care for your lawn and shrubs?

Although we can’t answer that question for you, we can tell you how we simplify your lawn and shrub care through our full-service monthly plan. It’s designed to take you through the lawn-care process year after year. Our plan is balanced to give you the maximum protection and fertilization throughout the year with no thought or expensive pesticide purchase and handling.

From our website:
“a balanced application of fertilizer is scheduled every other month. Each visit also includes insect (fire ant, chinch bug*, mole cricket and sod web worm), weed (1 preemergent and 6 post-emergent) and fungicide treatment as needed.”

We have spent years perfecting our lawn-care techniques to provide the quality services you deserve. We meet your lawn-care needs with precision and through the use of proven techniques.

*Chemical-resistant chinch bugs are not included but can be for an additional fee.

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